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We offer wide range of cleaning and polishing services to your vehicle
from routine wash to the most advanced cleaning and detailing.

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Who we are ?

At Psquare Perfections Pvt. Ltd, we have well experienced and talented staffs in the field of Vehicle-Detailing, Vehicle Disinfection & Air-Purification. We are proud to say that we use the best products to clean and wash your Vehicle and make sure your Vehicle looks new and shining. We offer our Detailing services to the Vehicles, Yacth and Aircraft and we assure that we provide the best cleaning solutions and with no doubt it is only Psquare Perfections Pvt. Ltd. who can take better care of your vehicle for you.


Being located in the heart of the buzzing city of Navi Mumbai, our area of operations extends to the entire India. Our modus operandi is extremely transparent and client-friendly. First, we undertake a preliminary inspection of your automobile, and based on this we shall recommend the next step, the amount of work that would be ideally required and the cost for the same. If and only if the client agrees do we begin our operations on the automobile, and we do no more than he/she agrees to. At Psquare Perfections Pvt. Ltd., Our Client is an asset for us, and hence we go to all lengths to ensure that you receive only the best. Plus, all costs informed to the client beforehand are final, and there are no hidden costs whatsoever. Reasonable pricing is a guarantee of Psquare Perfections Pvt. Ltd.. What you see is exactly what you get

Our Services

Vehicle Washing

Interior Detailing

Exterior Detailing


Paint Protection

Ceramic Paint

Windshield Polishing & Coating

HeadLight Polishing

VDS (Ozone Disinfectant System)


The inside “living” area of your Vehicle is known as the interior. This generally includes the seats, seat belts and harnesses, inside door panels, carpeting, mats, dashboard, rear “package” tray (if equipped), and cargo area. Your Vehicle’s interior can be likened to the living room of your house, since you spend so much time there


  • Keeping your Vehicle’s interior clean
  • Protect & guards your investment.
  • Provides longer interior life.
  • Makes clean-up a lot easier the next time around


We use sophisticated technology and specially designed equipment to protect exterior paint surface. All vehicles, regardless of the finish (clear coat, acrylic, enamel, etc.) require regular exterior cleaning quarterly, just like a good maintenance program prolongs the life and performance of your Vehicle. Time is a contributing factor that can harm your Vehicle’s exterior


  • Protect the environment
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Acid rain
  • Heat damages
  • Sun Burns/Moisture/TAR/Unhealthy salt


Virtually every Vehicle maker now uses water based paints. It is not possible to achieve a sufficient gloss with water based paints. In addition, all currently used UV absorbers and HALS (hindered amine light stabilisers) volatilise and are lost from the coating over time and migrate into the base coat or even into the substrate. This leaves the paint unprotected against fading and oxidation. This is true of all paint systems used in automotive manufacturing.



  • Protects against acid attacks (such as bird droppings – and even brake fluid!!)

  • Protects against salt spray. Protects against TAR. Provides true UV filtration

  • Reduces cohesion on painted surface – keeps you Vehicle cleaner! Blocks out corrosion

  • Removes of swirl marks, scratches, and orange peel in the clear coat

  • Increases resale value. Protects against fading

  • Paint matching in case of panel repairs is more accurate.



Nano Ceramic Coating protects Vehicle paint and glass surface from external impurities which have a negative influences. Easy to apply and clean, required minimal maintenance.

Ceramic coating is a layer of Clear Coat which is applied on the Exterior of vehicle in order to retain the gloss for 3-5 years. It basically prevents superficial scratches, swirl marks, water spots and paint defect caused by tree saps and bird droppings. Moreover, it has a long lasting Hydrophobic properties so the water just slips out of the body of the Vehicle. It also prevents the need to regularly polish the Vehicle. Treatment is available for exterior, wheels, glass, leather, interior trim etc.



  • Easy in application | Durable up to 12 months,
  • UV radiation resistance.
  • Protection from harmful environmental factors,
  • High hydrophobicity: the phenomenon of water and impurity molecules repulse from a surface of a paint covered by preparation, which stays dry and clean for a long time,
  • High paint glow, rich and nourished colour.

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