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Psquare Perfections Pvt. Ltd. differs from its counterparts in that it has modest beginnings but huge aspirations. It is one of the first start-ups that provides automotive detailing as a complete service along with manufacturing of Chemical Free Disinfectant Systems; the practice of polishing and the like has been present in the Indian market for a long time, but this procedure was hitherto done only as a sidestep.
Psquare Perfections Pvt. Ltd. took the concept to a new level by providing solely detailing services, so that the most prized possessions of clients, their Vehicles, would look and feel as new as though they had just come out of the showroom. And it is not just the looks that we focus upon; periodically detailing your automobile also extends the life of your Vehicle


Psquare Perfections Pvt. Ltd is a comprehensive all-services provider in the field of automotive detailing and Vehicle beautification. We provide assistance for almost all grievances related to interior and exterior detailing, in addition to cleaning & polishing. And you can rest assured that Psquare Perfections Pvt. Ltd. always does its detailing without overlooking the slightest detail. That is because we only employ trained professionals, and we ensure that they receive enough hands-on experience of even the smallest things. They are given exposure to international standards before they are allowed to attend real-life clients. And hence, when it comes to detailed detailing, there is just no parallel to Psquare Perfections Pvt. Ltd.


At Psquare Perfections Pvt. Ltd. we have well experienced and talented staffs in the field of Vehicle-Detailing, Vehicle Disinfection & Air-Purification. We are proud to say that we use the best products to clean and wash your Vehicle and make sure your Vehicle looks new and shining. We offer our Detailing services to the Vehicles, Yacth and Aircraft and we assure that we provide the best cleaning solutions and with no doubt it is only Psquare Perfections Pvt. Ltd. who can take better care of your vehicle for you.



Psquare Perfections Pvt. Ltd is committed to offer the best and flawless cleaning service to the clients in a timely manner. We are a specialised and Provide Vehicle care services with excellent professionals to deal with your beast. Made by industry leading manufacturer, we use Branded, high performance machines for cleaning services. To maintain a strategic distance from the dust from other Vehicles, each Vehicle is worked in a closed environment, Professional and Trained technicians proves that even the minute of foreign particle on the Vehicle is being removed. With the state of art indigenously and hired professional to clean the under-chassis, even the smallest of dust cannot imagine itself to stay once the gun is on. We Technicians are well trained professionalsandcanProvide waterwashaswellasSteamwashbasedonthechoiceofclientsandtheirVehicle.


Both being Talented & Experienced in their respective field they explored their premiums and started concentrating on their interest and that’s when Psquare Perfections Pvt. Ltd. was born with a unique blend of his nature of attention to detail and passion for Vehicles.

Mr. Panim Bagul

Mr. Panim Bagul

Director cum Founder

Mr. Paresh Chavan

Mr. Paresh Chavan

Director cum Co-Founder

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